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All catteries must be inspected regularly to ensure that DEFRA regulations and standards are being met, a licence is then granted with a star rating. The Kitz has received a five star rating, this is the highest rating and which we are very pleased and proud to have achieved this. We ensure that these high standards and regulations are met on a daily basis.



Please read carefully before bringing your cat to board at The Kitz. By signing the boarding contract, you are giving consent to the Terms & Conditions.  Once you have collected your cat and signed the return, you are still bound by certain aspects of these terms and conditions.


Cats will not be accepted for boarding without a VALID and UP TO DATE vaccination for cat flu and enteritis. All cats must be vaccinated annually with the booster vaccination administered no longer than 15 months from the previous vaccination. An up to date vaccination certificate must be produced prior to admittance to the cattery.

Records showing dates of last worming and flea treatments are to be provided also. This will be recorded on The Kitz customer file which is kept with vaccination card when boarding.  Should your cat develop either condition during their stay, we reserve the right to treat including the administration of medication.

Vaccination cards will be retained at The Kitz as evidence of vaccination for the duration of the boarding period and returned to the customer at the end of the booking.  These cards must be provided by recognised feline care providers.

Male cats over the age of 6 months will only be accepted for boarding if neutered.

Owners must inform The Kitz at the time of booking and arrival of any medical history which may affect the cats stay at the cattery, including any pre-existing or recurring medical conditions.

The Kitz reserves the right to contact the owner’s veterinary surgeon to discuss any past or current medical problems in the event of illness or injury.

In the event of illness or injury The Kitz will refer to the owner’s consent (Boarding Contract) for the preference of contacting the owners or The Kitz veterinary surgeon first and will make reasonable endeavours to contact the owner or the owner’s representative, prior to any treatment deemed necessary by the veterinary surgeon.  If contact is not possible treatment will take place based on the cat’s welfare and always on the advice of a veterinary surgeon.  Should the cat develop a condition so severe that is beyond the scope of medical treatment and the cat is suffering, we will again follow the advice of the veterinary surgeon on any appropriate action to stop the suffering. 

If your cat develops a medical condition or suffers an injury whilst boarding at The Kitz, we will be responsible for veterinary fees so long as our insurers consider us to be responsible for this.  In all other cases, the veterinary costs shall be the responsibility of the cat owner. 

Any veterinary fees incurred by The Kitz in the treatment of an historical or ongoing medical condition, will be the sole responsibility of the owner and will be paid in full by the owner upon collection.  For stays over 28 days, we reserve the right to forward any charges and require payment by return.

The Kitz will charge 50p per mile to the cat owner to facilitate veterinary treatment for such historical or ongoing medical conditions.

The Kitz reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse admission to any cats showing signs of illness pending veterinary advice.

The Kitz will only administer preventative medication to manageable cats when the owner has given consent by signing the medical section of the (Boarding Contract) However, should there be a risk of harm to cattery staff or to itself, veterinary care may be needed. Except as otherwise set out in these terms and conditions, any veterinary