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All catteries must be inspected regularly to ensure that DEFRA regulations and standards are being met, a licence is then granted with a star rating. The Kitz has received a five star rating, this is the highest rating and which we are very pleased and proud to have achieved this. We ensure that these high standards and regulations are met on a daily basis.

A professional cattery

Looking after your furry member of the family

Our Mission

Who we are and what we do

We are so lucky to be able to turn our love of cats into a business. I have been involved in cat rescue for over 18 years and undertaken a variety of training to understand cats needs and welfare, I'm looking forward to putting this training into practice and to help me to understand the different purrsonality of each cat in our care.

This is why we are proud to present The Kitz. We wanted to create a true luxury hotel for cats where the staff are here because first and foremost……….WE LOVE CATS!

About Us

The Kitz Cattery

Nestled in the Vale of Evesham, in the peaceful village of Offenham,The Kitz is located in the large, secure garden of our family home meaning that your cat will always have us close at hand and be part of the family when they stay with us.

The Kitz is a licenced four star cattery, with spacious pens designed and managed, to meet DEFRA regulations.

We would always suggest you come to see the facilities for yourself so you can relax on your holiday knowing your cat is in the best possible care.


The most important service we offer

We understand that many things affect a cats diet and we want to ensure that your cat has the best and more importantly what they’re used to.

We will generally stock Whiskas, Felix and Royal Canin foods but we’re happy to work with you regarding any special dietary needs. Often this means owners providing their own food.

We’re also very happy to administer medication following discussions with you.

Playtime & Grooming

Keeping your little one busy

Playtime is very important and we want to spend as much time interacting with your cat. We understand that some will want more time than others. We have a selection of toys in each suite along with elevated platforms. Birds naturally come into the garden but we have especially planted around the hotel to ensure that butterflies come into the garden.

Whether it’s fun and playtime or quiet cuddles we will cater for your individual cats needs to ensure that their lives are enriched when they’re with us.

We are cat people and getting to know your cat will be as enjoyable for us as it is for them. We have plenty of toys and things to keep your cat entertained and generally discourage clients from bringing cat toys incase they get lost whilst in our care.

We like to spend time with the cats and realise that some cats will want more attention than others. We will spend time with each and every cat every day and will ensure that they are healthy. This will include grooming where required.

If you require a set daily grooming, for example with long haired breeds, we are able to offer this for a small extra fee.


Ensuring your cat enjoys their holiday too

We love to chat about your individual cats needs and understand everything that's important for them and you. You're welcome to click the link below to send us your requirements or request a call back. Naturally we ask that all vaccinations are up to date for the duration of the stay and we require as much as possible about your cat, including their likes and dislikes.

Collection and delivery is possible, for a small fee, along with discounts for longer stays. Please speak to us about the costs for these.

Our prices start at £14.00 per day for a single cat in a double suite, £20.00 per day for two cats sharing, more than 2 cats would stay in the family pen, price available on request.

We're open for our VIP guests to check in between 0900-1200 and from 1400-1800 Monday to Saturday. Sunday is dedicated to feline company only so unfortunately we're closed to humans. Our times may differ slightly on public holidays so please get in touch with us first to confirm.


Medication: There is no extra charge for the administration of medication, please ensure that any medication is in the original packaging with explicit dosage instructions,
• We are happy to administer injections, inhalers, creams and tablets.
• If any cat needs veterinary treatment, we will always try to use the vet practice your cat is registered with but we reserve the right to take them in cases and take them to our own vets.
• We are happy to administer injections, inhalers, creams and tablets.
• It is crucial that you inform us if there have been any changes in your cat's health, if they have had any illness and if a vet has recently seen them

Initial vaccination – for cats who require the vaccinations you will need to arrange this with your veterinarian prior to their stay. They will need two vaccines, three weeks apart and the course should be completed 10 days before coming to the cattery. This is to ensure that the immunity has been built up.
Annual booster – up-to-date (AT LEAST ONE WEEKS PRIOR TO STAY) vaccination certificates must be seen on arrival. YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY OTHERWISE. We will also accept confirmation sent through from your vets.
• If an annual booster is more than three months overdue your vet will need to start the course again.
• Essential vaccinations are Feline panleukopenia virus (FPV), Feline herpesvirus (FHV), and Feline calicivirus (FCV)
• Please ensure that flea and worm treatments used are effective up to date. If flea dirt is evident you will be charged for the flea treatment we have to administer.
• Please bring your cat in a safe, secure carrier which you may leave with us during their stay.
You may bring a favourite toy, bed or blanket with you.
In the interest of safety, collars will be removed during your cat’s stay.

All Cats Cared For


A small fee for your cats happiness

Price increase - Due to increasing external costs we are reluctantly having to increase prices too. From the 1st January 2023, it will be £14.00 for one cat and £21.00 for a pair of cats per day. Please note that this includes the arrival and collection days. This incudes a high level of care, wet and dry food, litter, heating, grooming when required and lots of attention.